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In 1990, what is now EyeCare Specialties Pediatric and Adult was founded with the mission of providing full scope vision care in a patient friendly, professional setting.

Our Doctors have been specifically trained to use the following tests, for children and adults to evaluate several important areas of vision that often go unchecked during standard “20/20” visual acuity tests. Our comprehensive vision exams evaluate the following: acuity, focusing skills, eye teaming, eye movement, reversal frequency, visual memory, and visual motor integration testing.

If this list of vision exams seems rigorous, you are right. The breadth and depth of these tests enable us to develop comprehensive treatment programs for our patients.

We provide a free eye exam to infants from ages 6-12 months. This is designed to ensure that any eye or vision needs are detected and treated early and efficiently. This is much more thorough than a standard pediatrician screening and gives you valuable baselines for your child’s care.

We recommend that all children begin vision testing the ages of 6 months, 3 years (prior to preschool entry) and age 5 (the summer before kindergarten). Early diagnosis of problems like Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Convergence
Insufficiency (near vision disorder) and other problems can help children overcome and possibly avoid struggling with learning disabilities.

Adults should have annual vision testing to catch problems like hypertension, glaucoma, diabetes and cataracts early, when treatment is more effective.

We look forward to serving you and improving your quality of life!

We are committed to serving you safely and we are thrilled to once again provide a safe, clean and trustworthy home for your vision health needs. Indeed, it’s good to see you again. We are part of the EyeCare Specialties of Pennsylvania network. And all of our practices are following strict new guidelines. Click the link to view our new safety protocols and important information to prepare for your visit.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Robert Prazer

Dr. Jonathan Skoner

Dr. Deborah Martin

Dr. Brandon McChesney

After Your Exam, Browse Our Designer Collections

We offer the hottest selection of over 2,000 frames includes high-fashion designer styles combined with top quality eye care and exceptional service from board certified optometrists and opticians. As an authorized dealer for over 50 popular name brands, every pair is hand crafted and custom fit to your specifications and we stand behind every one of our products. Our opticians specialize in edging, adjusting, dispensing, insurance billing, frame styling and carry both designer and independent frames. Our mission is to provide you with superior vision selection and service for the ultimate eyewear and eye care experience. You’ll see the difference—and so will everyone else.

ECS offers one of the largest selections of eyeglass frames and lenses in Wexford. Come by our Optical Store and choose your favorite pair of frames from our wide variety. Our very own optician can also assist you in selecting the best frame for you from our inventory. We take great care in making our selection of individual frames in order to offer you the latest lines of designer, top quality eyeglasses. We carry an extraordinary collection of designer frames including, Oakley, Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo, Nine West, Calvin Klein, and many others.

After selecting your frames, we will match them with the latest technology in lens development to complete the perfect “look” for you. We carry many different lens designs and treatments to maximize your visual needs because we believe that you should not settle for less when it comes to your eye sight. Whether it’s Transitions lenses that adapt to the perfect shade so you see with just the right amount of light, or advanced non-glare lenses, we carry everything you need to let you see the very best.

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We provide comprehensive eye care, but a few services truly set us apart! Click the images for more information.

About Vision Care from the Heart

Vision Care from the Heart (VCFTH) is an annual charity event hosted by Dr. Robert Prazer and our team. The goal of VCFTH is to provide complimentary eye exams and glasses to those truly in need who do not have vision insurance.

Our first ever Vision Care from the Heart event was February 21st, 2014. Including 2018, the 5th consecutive year that the event took place, we are proud to share that we’ve provided over $250,000 worth of care to over 750 individuals in our community. For questions, please call our office at 724-935-9999

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