Childrens Vision

We Help Our Young Friends

Children are special and their eye exams are tailored for their age and ability level. Most school childrens vision screenings test only for 20/30 vision. Your Family Eye Doctors, Inc. test for much more including color vision and depth perception.

Your Family Eye Doctors, Inc., with a specialist in Children’s Vision, also offers Visual Efficiency Exams (VEE). A VEE tests how efficiently your child’s eyes work together as a team for visual demands in school, or problems with “binocular vision.” Any child having difficulty in school, particularly in reading, should have a Visual Efficiency Exam.

We have long been advocates of this education campaign designed by the Pennsylvania Optometric Association (POA) to increase the number of children who receive eye examinations.

The Pennsylvania Diabetic Eye Health Alliance

Your Family Eye Doctors, Inc. is committed to the Pennsylvania Diabetic Eye Health Alliance, a statewide program developed and implemented to provide a certain standard of care including dilated fundus examinations, seeing diabetic patients expediently, and communicating exam results to the patient’s primary care provider and other members of the health care team in a timely manner.


Helping Infants to Establish a Lifetime of Healthy Vision. We participate in this national program, in which optometrists volunteer to provide a one-time comprehensive eye assessment to infants in their first year of life, offering early detection of potential eye and vision problems at no cost regardless of income.

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